1. duhhh duhhh DUH.DUH Duuuhhhh Duhh DUh Duh DUH DUnn DUNNNNNn

  2. Emotional Appeal.

  3. Chilled Kitty!

    Guess whose food was relocated to on top of the fridge? That gypsy jumped/jet-packed up hither. 



  5. Cat nap!

  6. Dinner and a cat. My favorite.

  7. Guess who’s birthday it is.. 


    ..It’s not like I WASN’T ready to wartch him lap up some Ronnie D. 


  8. I’m scared like the ULTIMATE TEST OF CHARACTER to get into heaven is based on how you treat cats when no one else is looking..


  9. Yep. Still don’t like cats.



  10. New girl + Lou

    I really love cats. No I don’t. Grew up on a farm bottle feeding these effers the second they’d get crusties in their eyes while sobbing. 

    Moral of the story: Don’t get emotionally attached to cats, because they just die. They get sick or sat on by a cow or something.

    Just moved into an apartment with some real nice young gals! They’re real squirrely girls who come equipped with a cat. Louie, also know as Lou, and sometimes I catch myself callin’ him “kitty.” This thing is a special breed, obviously he likes to be stroked but I honestly feel like he has a real life personality.

    I hear he likes to sit in knapsacks and he also enjoys burying his head in plastic bags. I almost shit my pants while I was moving in- I found him tail-deep in a big ass bag from the bookstore- that’d be real awesome if the new girl got stamped with a homicide because the kit-kat breathe’s one last. Frick.

    So I’ma track all my feline goodness on hither. Lettuce sea w-hair these kitty adventures take us.